Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Versace for H & M

I absolutely love the leather jacket and the skirt

Oh wow! I just found out about the collaboration between Versace and H&M and I absolutely love it!! The pieces that I have seen so far are so lovely and the detailing is pretty AMAZING!!

I’m absolutely in love with the leather dress and the studded jacket! Well actually I just love all the items but won’t be able to afford them all.
Now the question is if it’s worth queuing all morning before work to get my little paws on a few of these items!

According to their statement
"The womenswear collection will be dominated by dresses featuring studded leather, silk and colorful print, with accessories including high heels and costume jewelery. The men's collection will focus on sharp tailoring, including 'the perfect tuxedo', as well as belts and jewelery, while for the first time in a designer collaboration at H&M, the collection will include some homeware pieces, including cushions and a bedspread."

Im going to try and get this amazing leather dress, its just so sexy!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Chanel Peridot

I have been working extra late for the past week so decided to treat myself with a few goodies! My mother was running out of her favourite chanel sycamore coco rouge lipstick (and by the way she has tried so many lipstick and this is the best she has ever used, highly recommended) So while I was getting that for her as a little treat I also decided to look at their new autumn winter 2011 collection. I spotted it about a week and a half ago but I didn get the time to test the products and was looking forward to getting them all week long. So when I finally wasn’t working a 12 hr day I went into Brown Thomas and decided to treat myself.

I’m a big MASSIVE fan of nail varnish, but I always tend to go for the same colours in different tones and finishes. It’s always reddish and nudey colours, of course there are a few exceptions I do love the pinks and wear some brighter shades during the summer but I am not immediately attracted to them.

I absolutely love how it looks with other metallics!

But when I saw the goldy-green with a hint of teal in the little beautiful bottle I immediately fell in love! I wanted to get it there and then but when I went up to the makeup artist she told me that it was sold out! I was devastated it was one of those days when you want to get something, anything and there was nothing I wanted apart from this and it was sold out!

So i ended up going the next day, when they were meant to have their delivery and managed to get the second last. Its quite costly, in Ireland it retails for €21 but it has not chipped at all for over four days and the colour makes me smile every time I look at my nails.

What are your favorite items at the moment? x