Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Who doesn't like a good sale, I surely love them! SO I decided to go online and purchase a few things from www.asos.com My goodies should be arriving at the end of the week and I cant wait!
I have never ordered clothes online before so Im very excited to see if they fit :)


  1. Lovely post hun. Asos has some very lovely clothing.. not to mention the beauty section lol

    congrats on your blog. Your going to do great


  2. I love asos but i find the clothes really hit & miss. Some items are brilliant and some look nothing like the photos when they arrive. This does not stop me ordering though lol
    Please feel free to pop over to my blog hun. xx

  3. im loving your blog! is your banner megan fox? i can't even tell. anyway i love it!
    donnadell.blogspot.com :)

  4. Thanks guys!! My goodies arrived today and I love them all except the bag, it looks very very cheap (and it was) :) might return it!