Sunday, August 15, 2010

Favourite Lipsticks

Hi guys, hope you all had a wonderfull weekend! I surely did :) the weather was amazing!!

After doing the last post I got thinking about the lipsticks that I reach for the most and I decided to share with you my favourites. Most of them are MAC I really need to start experimenting with other brands.

L-R Snob, Colour Crafted, Hue, Way to love, and Chanel Galapagos

What are your 5 favourite lipsticks?


  1. i have recently fell in love with snob and colour crafted looks gorgeous! :) great post! x

  2. i really want snob and colour crafted i think they wil be my next ones to get! Great post!x

  3. I love the colours! I gotta try them out.


  4. mine would be morange my mac, vegas volt by mac, nice knickers by benefit, peach me by revlon and coral crush by maybelline.

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  5. Snob has to be one of my all time favorite lipsticks. I love pinkish-lavender tones!

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  6. Wow, pretty colors! Right up my alley... I am in need of some new colors, so will def check these out. Thanks!

  7. these are gorgeous colours! i really wanted to get snob but it looked awful on me! great post! :) x