Friday, August 6, 2010

FIne line between shiny and glowing?

My t zone well its actually just my nose is quite oily and I still haven’t found the perfect powder that would stop the shine for more than a couple of hours :( lately I’ve been using MACs blotting powder but it doesn’t seem to work as well as they say it should!

I would love dewy and glowing skin and to be able to highlight my nose but I’m afraid that I will look too shiny.

What do you think of the pic below?? Shiny or Glowing?!
Are there any powders out there that you think actually work and absorb oil without being too heavy?


  1. I personally don't think you look shiny. I haven't found a great powder that works...I just use physician's formula translucent powder and keep it in my purse to apply through out the day

  2. I personally think you look glowing rather than shiny.

  3. I love the glowy look, looks perfect to me. Clinique gentle light powder is my favorite its really light but makes skin look flawless x

  4. You look lovely... but I completely understand you struggle! I tried the blotting powder and it's naff! hehe always get a kick out of bitching about MAC, it's like my comeback for the addiction they have caused! any way I would urge you to get the prep and prime finishing powder. It's transulent and you don't even know it's there. I can now highlight away with ease.

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